The site used to have banners that would show up at the top of each page. The following is the complete pool of images it would pick from at random. I apologize in advance to your browser's image cache.

Back when I was first learning web programming...
How modern!
Flower in my backyard
Another flower in my backyard
But this one was blue, so...
The Cady Way Trail, Winter Park, FL
Sea World, Orlando
Hard Rock Café, Universal Studios, Orlando; also, where I graduated from Full Sail
Arkanoid, my favorite arcade game
Chuck, my old Windows Programming course professor
Haven't we all...
"The JAZZ is like the New Coke!"
If my site were a movie...
Springtime around the neighborhood
More springtime
Part of a building in Chinatown, San Fran
Good ol' house
Top of the Full Sail B building on the night of a space launch at Cape Canaveral
Single rainbow 'cross the sky!
Theo's sand sculpture at Cocoa Beach
"Go feed the ducks!"
Everyone else parodies that logo, so...
This makes a lot more sense when viewed in context
Those guys from that thing
"You SEEIN' this?!"
Me, atop a cliff on Hook Mountain, overlooking the Hudson
My cat, all too comfortable on my chair