Stop SOPA!

So much for “more frequent blog posts”… But today is important! No, I don’t have any side project updates (but I will soon; bear with me)… It actually has to do with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that’s currently in Congress, and how awful it is.

Don’t know what SOPA is? Well, don’t take my word on it–as you can see, I’m not objective. But it’d behoove you to do a little research and find out for yourself. I’d point you over to Wikipedia but they–along with thousands of other web sites and blogs big and small–are blacking out today as a way to raise awareness. Because if you don’t know about this legislation, you really should–and then you should contact your state’s congressmen and urge them to oppose it.

On the surface, it seems benevolent: SOPA claims to target online piracy and copyright infringement. But after reading into it, there are plenty of things to freak out about. Probably the thing that peeves me the most is not the drastic censorship measures contained within, but that the law leaves the burden of proof on the web site accused of housing copyrighted content. In other words, the site is guilty until proven innocent! That’s right: if someone were to complain that is hosting a file–an image of a screenshot of a game, even–that is copyrighted by another company, I’d basically be toast. My site host would drop me, I’d instantly lose any advertisers I had, and my web address would pretty much be dead to the Internet–all on an accusation.

Of course, I would never knowingly post content copyrighted by anyone other than me, but still… Like I said, don’t cite me as your SOPA info source–I’m not unbiased. But it shouldn’t take you long to come to the conclusion that this bill should not be passed in its current form.

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