Things (And a Side of Stuff)

Hey, hey. Yep; still alive. I know… Didn’t I say there would me more frequent blog posts? Maybe by “more” I meant “less.” Nah, I mean, I hate going so long without a post, but, let’s be honest… Who really cares? No, I mean, I guess I’m so busy doing stuff that I don’t feel like taking time out to write about it!

If only that were the case. While I have been doing a lot of work on my RPG battle engine, I’ve also been hittin’ the Team Fortress 2 pretty hard. I know I gotta stop; this is not healthy. I’m hoping I get bored of the game soon… But it’s a good time when played with friends.

It’s not like work is particularly brutal lately. I’ve been moved over to our social games department and we’re preparing for a Facebook game release soon. So while that experience is pretty stressful, it’s also a little bit exciting. That is, if our online games take off and generous rewards are to be had by all… Even still though, working with Flash is a decent change of pace, even though the end product is still a slot machine. I still get my C++ fix at home with my RPG code.

Really soon! I’m putting together a little RPG battle package (in console form) to sort of test out the gameplay of my battle system. I’ve made a lot of progress (or so I keep saying), and I plan to show it soon.

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