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Hey. Yeah, uh… Yeah. Ahem. Guess it’s been a while, eh? Yeah, it’s still me; I’m still here. I just kinda took a cooler for a while since there really wasn’t anything interesting going on… Nothing noteworthy, really.

Well… That’s not totally true. But for a while, I was thinking, “well, there’s no real point to posting if I don’t have a new game or song to share, or even progress on something. No one wants to just read what’s on my mind… That’s what Facebook is for. As a matter of fact, that’s what a lot of people find annoying about Facebook–tons of useless crap that no one wants to hear about. I don’t want my site to be like that.” And yet, here we are.

It’s not that I’ve gotten rusty at my craft. In fact, Theo and I and a few other guys we know are banding together to create a game for mobile devices, using Unity. We only really decided to do this a few weeks ago, but even still, it’s been fun prototyping different game concepts and trying them out (Unity is great for that). I’m also working on another Unity project of my own, which hopefully I’ll develop alongside the team project (after all, I gotta do something while I wait for the rest of the team to catch up, smirk smirk).

And I’m still practicing guitar almost daily. Been trying to rally Theo to practice and record the guitar part to our next song… Though he’s apparently busy (playing SKYRIM! I know! Skyrim. Guy has Diablo 3, and I wouldn’t blame him for wasting time on that (because, after all, I am too), but frickin’ Skyrim! Some people…). But yeah. I still remember playing and recording myself on camera last year… I plan to do that again (at some point. Maybe).

In other news… Hm, let’s see… Uh, well, I turned 24 in April. And… Oh, yeah; skydiving. Did that. And didn’t die! That’s another reason I wanted to post; to prove I did it and survived:

See that? That’s what they make you do: hang halfway out of the airplane for a bit, just chillin’ until they push you out. It was tandem, so I wasn’t worried. I was, however, surprised at how hard it was to breathe. Though, with a wind of 120 mph in my face, I guess I should’ve expected that.

So. That’s…about it for now I guess. I’ll try and get more amusing things to show for next post. And… Maybe next post will be sooner than 3 months away.

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