Well, This is Embarrasing

It’s not like I plan to go months without posting. It’s more like… Months seems to go by without me posting. See? It’s not my fault; it’s time’s fault. Doesn’t that sound better?

And it’s not like nothing has happened. Have I come out with any new games or songs? Well…no. So, those of you who were hoping for that stuff, you can stop reading now. Or, you can continue reading as I attempt to explain myself.

Anyway, um… Let’s see…where to start… Well, first off, I got an apartment with Theo. Cool! So does this mean you guys are gonna pump out tons of new songs? You would think so, right? We’re both horrible slackers, truth be told, so that’s not exactly happening right now. And, us and a few other guys are working on our group project mobile app, and that’s…crawling along. Honestly, six guys on a small platformer game like what we’re working on is just overkill–if we were able to work on it full-time. After work, everyone’s tired and/or busy, and Guild Wars 2 and Borderlands 2 are certainly not helping things…

And then my personal mobile project…is also crawling along. I don’t know. Unity is awesome to work with… In fact, I think that because Unity is so easy to prototype with, what happens is, all these little ideas that I feel like trying out actually do get built…only for me to realize that they stink, and then I don’t follow through. But this particular project–a combination of breakout and pinball–should be solid. I just need to get off my freaking ass and do it. No more excuses!

Other distractions include health-related stuff like back and neck muscle soreness, slowly-deteriorating eyesight (I don’t have glasses yet, but I fear it’s only a matter of time…), and a persistent case of cellulitis (which, after two rounds of antibiotics, should be gone by now… I mean, it looks like it, but…asdwgaqyisfwq). I know, TMI maybe, but…this is part of my alibi!

So, y’know… I’m just… Eh. I don’t know. I don’t know why motivation is so difficult to muster. Even though work has been more interesting recently, I think that the only way I can truly be happy is if I’m self-employed and/or otherwise my own boss. And I know that the only way to get there is to gain experience from these side projects. So why am I sucking so badly lately? Maybe admitting that is the first step back to awesomeness.

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