I Can’t Even Fill Out One Title

Remember the good ol’ days when my posts had not only a title, but a sub-title? How did I do it? I don’t even know what to start with now as it is.

Is it because so little is going on? Eh, I wouldn’t exactly say that… Hurricane Sandy tore through the area last week, leaving me without power for 4 days. No physical damage though; no floods or anything too bad other than that. But when you’re a video game developer…any amount of time without power is too much! I’m not going to take it for granted again.

Does this mean I’ve been doing more work on side projects? Well, actually, yes–exactly that. Anything to show? Well…my mobile game isn’t done yet, so…no. I mean, if you happen to see me in person, I can show it to you on my phone! But…I’m not going to share it with the Internet just yet. It’s mostly all programmed though; all that’s left is polish–nice art, sound, and frilly little things like particle effects. And, well, making the rest of the levels… And I wanna get this thing off to Android and iOS, preferably at the same time–it’s going to be sort of a challenge, especially with the iOS part, since Apple development sucks ass…but Unity does what it can to soften the blow.

Nothing else really new unfortunately; everything else is just politics as usual. I’m going to try to wrap up my mobile game in…maybe…two or three months? Something like that. I better start thinking up a name…

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