Gaining Momentum

Things are happening. I still don’t have anything tangible to post or show, but things are happening. I haven’t been slacking this whole month…

At work, things are even busier. This is OK with me though; I’ve recently been recognized as a senior programmer (I’ve been there over four years now!), and my effort actually is paying off. Whereas last year I was flirting with the idea of pursuing leads with other companies (Zynga, EA, Arena Net, among others), I think I’d rather stay put for the time being. Things are…looking up.

And on the side project front, I’ve set a deadline for the end of April to have the game out on the Google Play store (and, ideally, the iOS App Store, but I know that Apple takes more time reviewing games beforehand). I’m feeling good about this; I’m already at the point where I’m just polishing the game; I have a couple more features to add, but the gameplay is basically solid, save for some minor tweaks and balancing.

I would love to reveal some details about what the game actually is, but, I’m also pretty paranoid. I mean, I’ve shown it to friends, family, coworkers (even my boss), and others (in person), and I’ve gotten some feedback. But I’m not at the point where I’m going to post public details on the Internet just yet… But, like I said, I’m pretty pleased with the progress I’ve made, and I think I’m on schedule to finish it up soon!

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