Staying the Course

Is today the day I spill it all about my next game?


But I don’t blame you for wondering. It’s weird that I’m this paranoid, but, it is a sorta unique idea, and it is theoretically possible for someone to see it, steal it, and have a team of developers copy it and release it before I do. OR, they release it right about (or slightly after) I do and then do a much better job at marketing it and steal all my thunder. (Note to self: get a marketer…)

Now, do I think I have God’s game gift to man here? No, no. To women? No. Do I think I have something kinda quirky and fun and sort of experimental? No. I mean, yes. Yes; I do. And once I even post a screenshot, the surprise is over!

So just hang back… I’m still on target for an end-of-April release onto Android and iOS (although if the QA phase takes me past that, so be it!), and it’s lookin’ cool. And, actually, there’s probably no harm in telling you that the tentative title is “Breakout Snacks.” So, there; do with that what you will.

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