Are We There Yet?

Hey! It’s been 3 months. Yeah. I know.

Look… I mean, I guess I’m just gonna say what we’re all thinking… I’m not really gonna keep this blog going much anymore. (It’s not like I have lately!) It’s true that I have been hard at work on Breakout Snacks, and that after I’m done, I would theoretically have more time to blog about random crap. But… I don’t know; this method of expression doesn’t really suit me anymore.

Will I ever make another blog post after this one? Yeah, probably. But only for milestones or important things–which is sort of what today is. Today is “Almost Done With Breakout Snacks Day”! I’ve made a separate page of the site revealing a bunch of info about the game, including screenshots and a video. So, see? I’ve been up to stuff!

Now, I’ll probably go away for a while and work on it some more…and then I’ll come back here victorious after I’ve launched! So go check that page out and start anticipating! And check out my Twitter (@mikebelotti) which I find myself updating more frequently now…

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