To Android and Beyond!

Hello! Well, guess what’s finally done? “Breakout Snacks!” No! There’s no Breakout Snacks! There never was any Breakout Snacks! Breakout Snacks is just a myth!

Actually, there was a “Breakout Snacks” but, alas; no more. That’s because I renamed it to “Pinball Sundae”! Yeah, Atari wouldn’t take too kindly to me using the name of their hit arcade game in my own game’s title, so I did a little brainstorming and landed on something better!

ANYWAY! The game is out! For Android devices 4.0 and up, that is. I found that older devices either wouldn’t have enough RAM (the game isn’t a hog anyway) or just wouldn’t install it properly (like on my brother’s phone), so I didn’t want to risk someone plopping down the $0.99 and then having a lousy time. In fact, it should be just the opposite; there’s quite a lot of game there for just a buck! It’s a very good deal!

What’s ironic, though, is that while my main goal for this project was to make a mobile game for myself first and foremost–one that I wouldn’t find annoying like just about every other mobile game–and grab some experience along the way, I can’t actually buy the game myself. Thanks, Obama. (I mean Google. Sorry; reflex.) Yeah; Google won’t let me buy my own game from the store. Now, I could just plop it onto my phone from Unity, but how funny is that, that I can’t actually officially get the game myself…

I should probably link you to the actual thing though. It’s here. You could, of course, also just search “Pinball Sundae” on the Google Play app on your device too. I’ll be talking more about this in the coming days of course, but for now, I’m about to do an up-to-date iOS build (I’m writing this from my Mac right now). Enjoy!!

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