There’s An App For This

Coming in slightly ahead of schedule, Pinball Sundae is finally available on iOS! Chiggity-check it out here.

Yes. Now I can officially say I made an iPhone app! And, judging by the Android sales numbers so far, I’d do well to simply take my bragging rights and go back to my day job. Although I get immense personal satisfaction from the completion of a project (especially one that’s been over a year in the works), it mostly ends there. However, this should be a pretty kick-ass resume piece (I should go update that).

So now I get my nights back! For now, that is. From here, one of two things–well, hm… OK, one of three things will happen: Wait. No; four. One of four things will happen: 1) I begin work on my long-awaited RPG. I think I finally have the means to do it. 2) I go to Nintendo and try to become a registered Wii U developer (Pinball Sundae on a Wii U? U betcha!). 3) I start a new mobile game with a couple of friends of mine who have been talking about wanting to make something (though I’ve been down that road before, so some degree of commitment will be necessary). 4) I do 1 and 3 and the same time.

So that’s it! I also want to thank Unity3D for existing and making it so that I don’t have to write any Objective-C to make an iOS app. (Although, I still have to use XCode… But let me try not to complain too much.) Currently, though, Unity doesn’t support Windows Phone or Blackberry–once it does (I hear they’re in the works), I’ll look into grabbing those licenses. (Here’s to hoping I make enough profit to afford the additional licenses!)

So, if you haven’t yet, go get Pinball Sundae and enjoy!

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