U Betcha

Remember about a month and a half ago when I was wondering what my next project would be? Well, I took all that momentum and sorta just…took it easy actually. I mean, I hung out, lead a normal social life, chilled out, relaxed, maxed all cool… You know how it is.

But that’s over now. Back to work. Because, as of today, I’m an approved Wii U developer for Nintendo! And now, all of those ideas I didn’t manage to cram into Pinball Sundae for mobile (you know, all those ideas I never actually shared on here but do exist–honest) will finally be realized! I mean, if you think about it, the Wii U is a pretty great platform for a game like Pinball Sundae: the tilting and touch features are supported, I can do local multiplayer, and I even have buttons on the thing (should I even want to use them)! And thank God Unity can build to Wii U too–it’s like they’re calling me.

So, yes. This is good. Good things are going to happen. Now excuse me while I go into hiding for the next eight months.

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