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Pinball Sundae

Hello! Welcome to Pinball Sundae, a game as tasty as it is delicious. This has been one of my side project games, and after about a year of sweat and tears, it's finally available on Android and iOS!

In Pinball Sundae, your goal is to use your flippers to knock the ball into the blocks up top and break all of them. You can move your flippers back and forth by tilting, allowing for some interesting aiming and shooting. And once you score some big points, you can unlock new flavors for your flippers which modify their appearance and behaviors (and taste)!

Check out this video I painstakingly put together to get a better feel for the game:

The game requires Android 4.0 or higher, or iOS 5.1 or higher. Both versions are priced at $0.99. (If you consider that there are over 80 levels and fourteen flavors in the game, this is a very good deal!) If you have any questions or feedback for Pinball Sundae, please email Also feel free to follow me on Twitter (@mikebelotti) for whatever reason.

In addition to the video, have a look at some screenshots below to whet your appetite! Click any one for a larger view.